Archive | September, 2017

Myths About Carpet

Homeowners in 2017 love hardwood floor. No one loves carpet anymore it seems and we believe its due to some incorrect myths on the internet. We want to dispel those myths because we still feel that carpet is an excellent choice for flooring in a home. Here are some untrue myths about carpet: CARPET IS […]

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How to Install a Deadbolt

You can give yourself more peace-of-mind in your home if you install a deadbolt. A deadbolt is one idea to make your home more secure and it is an easy project to complete. Below we will provide instruction on how to install a deadbolt on the exterior doors of your home. This is an easy […]

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LED vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs

The new trend in home lighting is LED light bulbs. You might be turned off by the higher cost of LED light bulbs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs but there are many benefits to upgrading that we will outline below. Here are a few reasons we recommend that you switch from incandescent bulbs to LED […]

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