How to Install a Deadbolt


You can give yourself more peace-of-mind in your home if you install a deadbolt. A deadbolt is one idea to make your home more secure and it is an easy project to complete.

Below we will provide instruction on how to install a deadbolt on the exterior doors of your home. This is an easy upgrade you can complete in one day with the right tools and proper process.


Use a tape measure and measure either 6 inches above the doorknob or 8 inches below the doorknob to determine where to install the deadbolt. Both options are good and it is just a matter of preference for where to install the deadbolt.

You need to mark the spot on both the front and the back of the door because you will drill through both side. You also need to mark the center of the door as well for the latch bolt.


You need a hole saw for this step in the project. You can either purchase one from your local hardware store or rent one. You should line the saw up with the center marks from your measurements from before.

Don’t drill all the way through. Drill halfway through the front of the door and the other half through the back to prevent splintering the wood. Be sure to drill at a balanced level as well.


Fit the latch bolt into the hole and mark the outline of the face plate. Cut the outline with an utility knife and remove the indent for the face plate of the latch bolt. Then insert the latch bolt and face plate and screw them into the recess.


Insert the lock mechanism into the bore hole. The lock handle should be on the interior of the door. Turn the handle to ensure it functions correct. The handle should be in an upward position when it is unlocked and horizontal when it is locked.


Drill holes on the door jam to install the strike plate. Line up the plate with the lock bolt and attempt to turn the lock mechanism. If the mechanism does not turn the entire way you need to adjust the placement of the strike plate and attempt to turn the mechanism again. This is one of the more challenging aspects of the project and you will need to be patient and ensure the plate and bolt line up before finishing the installation.

Once the correct placement has been determined, drill in pilot holes for the face plate and then use screws to secure the face plate in place.

Alternate each screw. Do not screw one screw in 100% as this could knock the face plate out of its alignment.

Now close the door and attempt to use the lock mechanism. If it locks in place with the handle pointed up, the project is complete and your home is now safer than before.

You can now have peace-of-mind in your home and know it is more secure.

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