Myths About Carpet

vacuum carpet

Homeowners in 2017 love hardwood floor. No one loves carpet anymore it seems and we believe its due to some incorrect myths on the internet. We want to dispel those myths because we still feel that carpet is an excellent choice for flooring in a home.

Here are some untrue myths about carpet:


The majority of homeowners feel that carpet is too hard to clean compared to hardwood floor. This could be because you need to vacuum carpet on a regular basis and because you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service every few months too.

But when you think about it, vacuuming carpet is much easier than scrubbing or dusting hardwood floors. Hardwood floors collect dust fast and the dust is visible on the surface whereas it is trapped and invisible in carpet fibers. You will also see footprints on hardwood floor you won’t see on carpet.

If you are able to avoid major spills or accidents on carpet, we feel it is much easier to maintain and clean on a daily basis than hardwood floor.


One of the most common myths about carpet is that carpet is bad for anyone who suffers from allergies. This is not true at all.

In a home with carpet, dust and allergens float in the air and eventually settle down into the carpet. Then the dust and allergens are trapped on the floor until your vacuum cleaner or the carpet cleaner you hire remove them from the floor and from the home.

In a home with hardwood floor, dust and allergens float in the air and then will land on the floor after awhile. Then a breeze or air from someone walking by or circulation in the home will shoot the dust and allergens into the air again until eventually you or someone in your family breathe them in.

Allergy sufferers would rather have allergens trapped in their carpet than circulating in the air in their home.


We do not think carpet is bad or worse for pets. You do need to be careful with puppies and kittens that are housetraining as urine stains are very bad for carpet, but in the long run, we feel carpet is 100% fine for pets and the pets will enjoy the comfortable floor to lie on and nap on.

The problem with hardwood floor and pets is that their claws and nails will scratch the surface of the floor. A deep scratch on hardwood floor is impossible to repair and a new board will need to be installed. The cost of hardwood floor and installation is much more expensive than carpet cleaning or stain removal products.

These are three of the most common myths about carpet online. We’re sure there are several more as hardwood floor becomes a more and more popular choice for homeowners in 2017.

We promise you won’t regret installing carpet in your home and we feel it is the superior choice for family homes.

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