How to Repair Window Screens

Let’s face it. If you have a screen door or window screens in your home, there is a very good chance one or two of them will tear or be damaged due to their fragile nature. The good news is this a relatively easy home repair for even an amateur repairman and we can provide the instructions to repair a window screen.

The extent of the repair project will depend on the extent of the tear in the screen. A large tear will require that the entire screen be replace while a smaller tear should just be a minor fix.

We will tell you how to do both to ensure no matter the extent of the damage that your window screen is in perfect condition once the project is complete:

How to Repair Small Tears


  • Window Screen Repair Kit

Let’s first discuss how to repair a small tear in window screens. There are repair kits available for purchase at your local hardware store. Manufacturers offer kits for both aluminum and fiberglass window screens.

The repair kits include instructions on how to use them and they’re quite simple to use. The kits include a small section of screen in the shape of a square. The section has an adhesive back. Simply peel off the cover of the adhesive and place the square over the small tear. Now smooth out the square with your hands and it should conceal the tear.

How to Repair Large Tears


  • Window  Screen
  • Spline
  • Spline Tool
  • Utility Knife

If the tear is too large for a repair kit, you will need to remove the entire screen. You will need a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to remove the screen’s spline and then pull the spline off of the screen frame. Remove the two side splines and the top and bottom spline.

If you don’t damage the spline when you remove it you can reuse it but we recommend purchasing new spline the same time that you purchase the new screen.

Now pull out the old screen from the frame. You should now have an empty frame in front of you.

Roll out the new screen across the frame. Allow the screen to hang over the top, bottom and sides of the frame. Then use an utility knife to cut the screen from the roll.

You now need to install the new or old spline into the frame channel. You will need to purchase a spline tool for this. A spline tool looks like a mini pizza cutter. Place the new spline into the frame channel and push it in with your fingers. Then roll the spline tool along the spline in the channel to secure the spline in place.

Do this for all four sides of the frame. Then it is time to trim the excess screen from the frame with your utility knife. Cut along the outer edge of the spline you installed. That completes the project!

Now place the new screen and frame back into your window or door frame and admire your new window screen.

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